How to Start Selling on T-INFLUENCER

T-influencer is the freelance marketplace for digital services. So, if you have a talent, you can share that talent with our buyer community and make money while you are at it. Whether you are a graphic designer, programmer, content writer, translator, or voice over artist, T-influencer has a place for you.

Below is a series of videos explaining what you need to do to start selling on T-influencer.

Creating Your Seller Profile

First, you will need to create your seller profile. Your profile is how you present yourself to the community. You are encouraged to present yourself in a professional manner.

  • Creating Your Seller Profile
  • Creating Your Gig
  • Video Requirements Overview
  • Offering Packages
  • Upselling – Monetizing Your Gig
  • Sending Custom Offers/Buyer Requests
  • Tips for Success
  • Free Course: Be a Successful Seller

for more information, see Creating Your Seller Profile

Creating Your Gig

Your Gig is the service that you sell on T-influencer. Creating your Gig is an opportunity to show off your talent and provide buyers with all the information they need to help them decide to do business with you.


for more information, see Creating Your Gig

Video Requirements Overview

Adding a video to introduce your service is one of the best ways to attract buyers. It adds a personal touch to the service you are offering.So you can add a short video introduction about the service you are offering.

Offering Packages

Packages is a way for you to offer three different compelling bundles to sell on your Gig Page. It’s a great new way to give your buyers even more choice, and to push your average order value higher! The sky’s the limit.Currently you can offer your full services for free ,you don’t have to buy any bundle to post a service. Unlike other marketplace T-influencer does not charge for listing your service feel free to list and promote your services .

Upselling – Monetizing Your Gig

You can maximize your revenue by upselling your Gig with extras before, during, and after the order. Extras enable you to create a good reputation to your buyers and make them purchase your services next time when they come back to look for freelance services in T-influencer.

Sending Custom Offers/Buyer Requests

Sending Offers allows you to be proactive and offer your services to potential buyers in a customized manner.

Sending Offers allows sellers to be proactive and offer their services to potential buyers in a customized manner. 

Note: Custom offers can still be accepted while in Out of Office mode. Therefore, make sure you are aware of any pending custom offers before using Out of Office.
To send an offer:

  1. Once logged in, from the main menu, click Messages > Inbox, and then click See All in Inbox.
  2. Open a message within the list.
  3. Click Create an Offer.

Submitting Offers to Buyer Requests

If buyers are having trouble finding what they’re looking for or have a special request, they can submit a Gig request. Gig requests matching the subject for a Gig you offer will appear on the Buyer Requests page.

For example, if someone requests 20 logos for a project and you offer logo designs, you will see the buyer’s Gig request.


  • Misuse of the Buyer Request feature, such as advertising your services as a seller, may lead to your account being disabled.
  • Submitting offers to buyer requests is not available to all sellers.

To send an offer to a Gig request:

  1. Once logged in, from the Selling menu, click More > Buyer Requests.
    At the top, you can see the total amount of active requests, the total amount of offers you’ve sent (if relevant), and how many offers you have left to send today.
    – In the Search requests field, you can enter a term to search and narrow the list down.
    – In the All Subcategories field, you can filter requests based on different subcategories in which you offer Gigs.

    From the list of requests, you can see the description and metadata entered by the buyers to help you make your decision to offer your services. For example, if you do photoshop editing, the buyer can select Background Removal, Filters & Effects, and Retouching & Enhancements as metadata fields.
  2. When you find a request you like, hover over the request and click Send Offer.
    A summary of the buyer request appears at the top.

    Note: Clicking Remove Request will remove the request from your view.
  3. If you offer more than one Gig, select a Gig that is relevant to the request.
    – In the Describe Your Offer area, write a personalized message. For example, you can write details on what you can provide and the reasoning for your pricing.
    – Fill out your total offer amount, delivery time, number of revisions, and define other elements in the offer scope.
  4. Click Submit Offer.
    Offer Sent appears, indicating you’ve responded to the Gig request.