Selling APPLICATIONs and website

T-INFLUENCER has now allowed users to sell mobile application, desktop applications , downloadable media such as ebooks and websites through our platform.

All you have to do is go to post job and list that you’re selling a certain application and give description of the application plus listing the price for the application and post it , if it’s a website you’ll have to list that you’re selling the website and give out the url of the website so as buyers can check out the site before purchasing it.
when a user purchase the app or the website you’ll have to provide all the necessary information about the site.

To sell downloadable media you’ll just do the same as applications and website and when a buyer purchases it you’ll have to send the downloadable media (e.g ebook /pdf ) through the feature provided by T-INFLUENCER that allows a user to send any type of media to another user

T-INFLUENCER has decided to bring to you a marketplace where you can sell your applications ,websites and downloadable media easily .

”we shape the future of work”


June 30, 2021