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T-INFLUENCER has decided to invest in universities in doing so we have launched our first mode which is known as SUA MODE. SUA MODE includes different services that can be offered at SUA ,with SUA MODE one can search for businesses and purchase products at affordable prices with warrant offered by T-INFLUENCER . Some of...
November 20, 2021

Tips to create a good slogan

It is a phrase that identifies a product or service. Learn how to create one that your customers will remember and repeat over and over again! Within the marketing tools, the slogan is one of the most powerful, as it helps to increase the levels of recall in consumers and differentiate yourself from the competition. Its origin...
September 27, 2021

Introduction into Domain Driven Design(DDD)

The concept of Domain-Driven Design (DDD) was introduced by Eric Evans. He wrote about it in his book Domain-driven Design back in 2004 (aka “The Big Blue Book”). ℹ️ What is a domain in the context of DDD? A sphere of knowledge, influence, or activity. The subject area to which the user applies a program...
August 14, 2021